A Beautiful Family

This family is gorgeous and so photogenic! I swear! It was so nice meeting Tyesha and her family on this beautiful fall day!!! RJ is such an adorable little guy and I had a ball chasing him and the pup, Bow around the park!!! Look how cute that Yorkie is! They are also adding an addition to their family! SO EXCITING right!!? CONGRATS! I love babies ūüôā And this makes them a lovely family of 4, well maybe 6 counting the fur babies. LOL either way they are wonderful… every single one of them from the pets, BIG BROTHER, Mom and Dad to the bun in the oven on its way! May they be blessed and continue to find love in every moment of their lives! ‚̧


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 photo Tyesha.jpg

I wish I would have had a whole session with this cutie! He is so funny and handsome! look at how happy he is!!! He was telling me about the cartoon Paw Patrol!! lol photo DSC_0420.jpg

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It has been nice meeting so many different people who do things to help others! Michele is a beautiful person inside and out and has such a wonderful spirit! She is a licensed therapist with a focus in Marriage and family issues, with experience doing Christian and secular counseling. She has over 10 years of experience and training as a therapist!! “Helping families Plan and not react” is her motto and through this idea she has created a program where she shares her knowledge through speaking. Her topic is Marriage and family Re construction! A wonderful outlook on families and keeping them strong. I absolutely love it. Her presence is so calming and it was a breathe of fresh air taking these photos for her and walking around the park. There chill in the air. It was the coldest it had been in days but that didn’t stop us from getting some wonderful shots in all her beauty…

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Please check out Michel Ruffin’s Program! It is really great!

Fb:Speak life, Breathe life: family wellness

LaShawn’s Cuties!

Ok, So I finally had the chance to meet these awesome kids! Shaniya “Yahyah” age 9, Carlos age 6, ShaiAnne “Lady” age 4 months! Boy are they an adorable bunch! I had so much fun! They are very polite, well mannered, fun and free spirited! Big ¬†sister Yahyah loves math and reading and likes taking care of her brother and sister! ¬†I really enjoyed talking to her about school and some of her favorite hobbies. Carlos had energy and spunk! The cold didn’t bother him one bit! His favorite part of school is math and recess. YES! you’ve got something going there! I always loved gym/recess as a kid too! Miss Lady gave me a thousand smiles until I started shooting (that’s usually how it works lol).Bless her heart for enduring the cold either way.They are great! Just check them out! I’m sure each and every one of them make Mama proud! ¬†‚̧

 photo these1.jpg

Can you tell who is being silly??? hahaha…

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 photo these.jpg


Marcia and Malik are so sweet! Right before their shoot they did some working out together at the gym then headed over to the park to meet me! How cute is that?!!  I had a great time following them around the park, admiring nature,capturing some photos for them and chatting away! They are such a beautiful and happy couple! Just look at how lovely they are!

 photo Marcia1.jpg

 photo Marcia.jpg

Here is an action shot of some working out Malik did at the session!!! Check out their fitness group… it sounds like an awesome way to stay in shape and keep healthy! They cover everything! Meal plans and ways to become a healthier you through workout and exercise!

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For more info contact:



RiChai’s Seniors

This young lady braved the cold weather to get some senior photos! YOU GO GIRL!! RiChai is such a sweet young lady! She attends¬†Allederdice and ¬†has a weighted 4.2 gpa!!! Beautiful and extremely smart! Nothing can stand in her way. She plays basketball, and in her spare time enjoys math club, Girl Scouts, and many other activities. Her mother, Nikkia and family are very proud of how amazing she is! Congrats to you on your upcoming graduation! May you achieve your goals successfully in what ever path you take in life! ‚̧

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Happy 1st Birthday Malachi!

This little guy is full of  life! Can you blame him? One year ago he was born! That is worth a celebration.I have never met a baby so happy, energetic and sweet. Malachi was very excited about his special day as were his parents!! There was so much love for Malachi in the room this day. So close to thanksgiving and so many things to be thankful for, family being one of them. Thank you Jessica and Nathaniel for being so kind and allowing me to take these! He is truly and blessing and a heartbreaker! Just look at how cute!

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Jessica and Nathaniel also have a non profit! amazing right?? I love people that do things to help others! Especially our youth and children. Their non profit, 5A elite is based on youth empowerment. 5A elite is a unique out of school program. Their vision is holistic and uses sport culture to produce 5 key components:spiritual,enlightenment,educational,economic empowerment, and social justice. What a beautiful way to help our children reach their goals and become successful! Please check it out!!

Website: http://www.5aelite.org

The Best You: Tiffany Huff

I am so glad I had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany Huff! What an inspirational and joyful person she is!!! Although it was a bitter cold day I doubt you could tell by the smile on her face (we were freezing our butts off lol). Isn’t she gorgeous! Tiffany’s personality and beauty are a match tough to beat, so taking photos for her felt very natural and effortless. How fun and what a blessing it was taking these for her!

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Tiffany is passionate about empowering women to live purposefully and manifest their dreams and divine purposes. She provides coaching, workshops and speaks at various events. Her love for what she does is truly amazing and those around her can’t help but soak up the love and energy she radiates! Thank you for being YOU and thank you for inspiring those young and old throughout the community! ‚̧

Please Check out her site:


Bria’s Senior Photos

I am so glad that I’ve had the pleasure of taking pictures of this gorgeous young lady!!! Bria is truly beautiful inside and out! Her mother and sisters have grown to become great friends of mine so, when I heard she needed senior photos I leaped at the opportunity! Thank you again to her and her wonderful family for always supporting and keeping in touch with me through my journey!!

 photo BriasSeniors.jpg

 photo BriasSeniors1.jpg

 photo BriasSeniors2.jpg

 photo Collages.jpg

This park is beautiful and is by far one of my favorite places to shoot! Bria and I had many obstacles to overcome this night!!! A doggy playdate (with about 20 dogs lol) and the fall sunset that cut some of our session short. Despite the changes we were able to get some gorgeous photos of her!! These are a perfect way to show off her last year of High School!!! AN EARLY CONGRATS TO YOU!!! May you be successful, blessed, and inspired! ‚̧


Seriously! C’mon! You don’t even have to tell me how amazing and sweet this couple is! Following them around on this gorgeous fall day was a pleasure and reminded me of the simple fun and happiness that marriage brings. I absolutely admire them. The love that they have for one another was so apparent in every snap shot that I took! Shamiah and Torrey are by far one of the nicest people I have ever met! From their kind words and the things that they do for the community to the simple smiles on their faces! Married for 4 years and I felt like I was on their first date. NOW THAT’S LOVE. Just look….
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I have always been told that the most amazing people are the ones who devote their lives to helping others. These two rang true to this quote. Their non -profit “The Moxie Organization” is based on giving courage, hope and encouragement to those in need. They provide resources and services to maintain a healthy and successful family environment! Please check out this awesome non-profit!!

Website: http://moxieorg.wix.com/moxiorg2

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheMoxieOrganization