These two little cuties are the ones who gave me the honor of being a mother! Myla was over the moon about the new addition to our family sweet baby Madisyn Ann! Now at almost 3 years old and Madisyn 10 months, they have grown to be the best of friends. I truly believe this was LOVE at first sight for both of them! These photos remind me of how precious these memories are as toddlers and newborns. My girls have become their own people with personalities,sass,and sense of humor! I love them to pieces!!

 photo DSC_0242.jpg

 photo DSC_0228-1.jpg
 photo d11749c2-3e83-4363-b231-314a3a611d01.jpg
 photo DSC_0260.jpg
 photo 29980f7e-fcd6-4877-80da-1046a0158b70.jpg photo DSC_0257.jpg
 photo DSC_0256.jpg
 photo 185667c9-50a8-48fe-9529-808ddfb05bff.jpg photo 0a62a177-4755-4c69-8e38-72eaa2f4c997.jpg

 photo DSC_0243.jpg


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