Ms. Maia by far is one of the most gorgeous young ladies I have ever met! I had such a wonderful time taking photos of her in the park! She is truly a natural beauty… so my work was cut out for me. These headshots were perfect for her acting and modeling! The day was extremely hot but I am starting to miss days like this now that winter is peaking through my window. I really enjoy working with her and her lovely Family! They are some of the sweetest people I know.

 photo a8222ef9-3e56-4988-9fae-7671f0b7e25d.jpg

 photo 69053c91-2093-4f44-9fef-410efa98185e.jpg

 photo i01617.jpg

 photo i01618.jpg

 photo i01573.jpg

 photo i01627.jpg

 photo 9de87f13-e71c-4bd5-a9d1-515d5847d7ba.jpg

< photo i01652.jpg

 photo i01651.jpg


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