I had such a wonderful day today! I recently wished for summer like weather. Although I didn’t get it I got something even better, a perfectly warm and gorgeous FALL day in the park. The leaves were falling and the sun peeked through the trees. What an amazing way to spend my day meeting new people for photos. Libya and Sam were not only a beautiful couple but also hilariously funny! My Job was cut out for me following them around as they showed off the newest member of their family Sam Jr. due to arrive any day now!! Can you tell they are over the moon with joy? They also have two little girls who I hear are beyond excited about the upcoming arrival of baby Sam.  What a beautiful and loving family! I am so happy I was able capture  some special moments with them before the big day.

 photo LibyaandSam.jpg

I also had the honor of working with my mini assistant Miss Sky. I tried to catch some smiles but she was all business, collecting leaves and watching her uncle and aunt pose. Even without a smile she is simply gorgeous!Look at that cute face!

 photo DSC_0092.jpg

 photo LibyaandSam1.jpg


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