Bria’s Senior Photos

I am so glad that I’ve had the pleasure of taking pictures of this gorgeous young lady!!! Bria is truly beautiful inside and out! Her mother and sisters have grown to become great friends of mine so, when I heard she needed senior photos I leaped at the opportunity! Thank you again to her and her wonderful family for always supporting and keeping in touch with me through my journey!!

 photo BriasSeniors.jpg

 photo BriasSeniors1.jpg

 photo BriasSeniors2.jpg

 photo Collages.jpg

This park is beautiful and is by far one of my favorite places to shoot! Bria and I had many obstacles to overcome this night!!! A doggy playdate (with about 20 dogs lol) and the fall sunset that cut some of our session short. Despite the changes we were able to get some gorgeous photos of her!! These are a perfect way to show off her last year of High School!!! AN EARLY CONGRATS TO YOU!!! May you be successful, blessed, and inspired! ❤


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