Happy 1st Birthday Malachi!

This little guy is full of  life! Can you blame him? One year ago he was born! That is worth a celebration.I have never met a baby so happy, energetic and sweet. Malachi was very excited about his special day as were his parents!! There was so much love for Malachi in the room this day. So close to thanksgiving and so many things to be thankful for, family being one of them. Thank you Jessica and Nathaniel for being so kind and allowing me to take these! He is truly and blessing and a heartbreaker! Just look at how cute!

 photo DSC_0124-1.jpg

 photo jessica.jpg

 photo Collages1.jpg

 photo 9e87c01a-ddf7-408c-bbc1-2df7f298abca.jpg

 photo jessica1.jpg

Jessica and Nathaniel also have a non profit! amazing right?? I love people that do things to help others! Especially our youth and children. Their non profit, 5A elite is based on youth empowerment. 5A elite is a unique out of school program. Their vision is holistic and uses sport culture to produce 5 key components:spiritual,enlightenment,educational,economic empowerment, and social justice. What a beautiful way to help our children reach their goals and become successful! Please check it out!!

Website: http://www.5aelite.org


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