LaShawn’s Cuties!

Ok, So I finally had the chance to meet these awesome kids! Shaniya “Yahyah” age 9, Carlos age 6, ShaiAnne “Lady” age 4 months! Boy are they an adorable bunch! I had so much fun! They are very polite, well mannered, fun and free spirited! Big  sister Yahyah loves math and reading and likes taking care of her brother and sister!  I really enjoyed talking to her about school and some of her favorite hobbies. Carlos had energy and spunk! The cold didn’t bother him one bit! His favorite part of school is math and recess. YES! you’ve got something going there! I always loved gym/recess as a kid too! Miss Lady gave me a thousand smiles until I started shooting (that’s usually how it works lol).Bless her heart for enduring the cold either way.They are great! Just check them out! I’m sure each and every one of them make Mama proud!  ❤

 photo these1.jpg

Can you tell who is being silly??? hahaha…

 photo these2.jpg

 photo these.jpg


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