BRRRRRrrr! Here is Syreeta, Husband and photogenic kids… Baubi, Deandre and Nylia!!! MODELS! Apologizing to this awesome family for freezing their butts off! This is probably one of THE COLDEST days I have ever done a session! They were so brave for coming out in this weather and taking their coats OFF for photos! lol I don’t think it would have mattered though. Look at how beautiful they are even in this weather! Thank you guys a million for baring with me! You are such a great family!

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some laughs lol…  ❤

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ALL I CAN SAY IS… What a gorgeous family! These kiddos had so much energy and were nothing but fun!! I could have spent time with them all day long! Cindy a mother of 3 handsome boys (Jair ,Mackell Jr., and Phillip) and wife (to husband Mackell) prides herself not only with her own motherhood but by empowering other mamas like herself to embrace all of the beauty, challenges and strength it takes to be a great mama. She is the founder of a wonderful organization called ” Pittsburgh Brown Mamas”. Cindy created this group because she believes brown mamas are in need of opportunities that assist them in enjoying their journey through motherhood.I am very proud to say I am apart of this community of women and glad to have met so many great Moms. Thank you so much Cindy for creating something so beautiful! With the world in so much chaos and destruction. I am glad to see that unity can be shown through this group of women. The Brown mama group shows off the fact that there are great mamas who love their family, children and life. Your creation will only be nothing but positive, uplifting and joyous! And for this I am forever grateful! xoxoxo ❤

Please check out this great site!

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The Lavender Family

These kiddos really made me remember what it was like to be a kid again! Sometimes we forget with the hustle and bustle of our day what it is like to just enjoy the simple things in life! Running, Jumping in leaves, and laughing! Jillian Julian, and Joi are such happy children!  Even though it was cold out it didn’t stop them from having a smile on their faces!Julian had to be bribed for a few big smiles (smart guy!!) But after hanging out and having some fun who could hold back a chuckle or two with the ones you love!? I absolutely LOVED hanging out with this awesome family! I could tell Mama was so proud and loves them all so much! Thank you Veronica for allowing me to spend the day with your cuties! What a blessing!

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I really appreciate Shan and her gorgeous family for traveling out of their way to come get photos done with me!! It was a beautiful day near the conservatory and perfect for some family photos! I was also able to snap a few senior photos for Tamia (17 years old) who is graduating and contemplating the attendance of  Slippery Rock University where she would run track! HOW AWESOME! I loved SRU might I add ;). It was lovely chatting with her and the family! I unfortunately cut into miss Sydney’s naptime! She is darling! I was hoping to work up a smile…I couldn’t 😦 but instead I was still able to capture some photos of her just being beautiful! Those eyes are adorable!!! What a sweet and beautiful family! Thank you again for your time! ❤

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