ALL I CAN SAY IS… What a gorgeous family! These kiddos had so much energy and were nothing but fun!! I could have spent time with them all day long! Cindy a mother of 3 handsome boys (Jair ,Mackell Jr., and Phillip) and wife (to husband Mackell) prides herself not only with her own motherhood but by empowering other mamas like herself to embrace all of the beauty, challenges and strength it takes to be a great mama. She is the founder of a wonderful organization called ” Pittsburgh Brown Mamas”. Cindy created this group because she believes brown mamas are in need of opportunities that assist them in enjoying their journey through motherhood.I am very proud to say I am apart of this community of women and glad to have met so many great Moms. Thank you so much Cindy for creating something so beautiful! With the world in so much chaos and destruction. I am glad to see that unity can be shown through this group of women. The Brown mama group shows off the fact that there are great mamas who love their family, children and life. Your creation will only be nothing but positive, uplifting and joyous! And for this I am forever grateful! xoxoxo ❤

Please check out this great site!

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