BRRRRRrrr! Here is Syreeta, Husband and photogenic kids… Baubi, Deandre and Nylia!!! MODELS! Apologizing to this awesome family for freezing their butts off! This is probably one of THE COLDEST days I have ever done a session! They were so brave for coming out in this weather and taking their coats OFF for photos! lol I don’t think it would have mattered though. Look at how beautiful they are even in this weather! Thank you guys a million for baring with me! You are such a great family!

 photo DSC_0264.jpg

 photo DSC_0281.jpg

 photo syreeta.jpg

 photo syreeta1.jpg

 photo syreeta2.jpg

 photo DSC_0376.jpg

 photo DSC_0362-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0382-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0342.jpg

 photo DSC_0337.jpg

 photo DSC_0332.jpg

 photo DSC_0324-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0312.jpg

 photo DSC_0304.jpg

 photo DSC_0303.jpg

 photo DSC_0284-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0262.jpg

some laughs lol…  ❤

 photo DSC_0410.jpg


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