I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Cameron and her lovely family. Shiloh is 3 months old and and Sgt Pepper is a fairly new addition to the family as well! What a cute looking pup. His coat is the most perfect color! He was pretty skeptical of me taking pictures of him and the family but I was glad I was able to get some awesome snap shots of him! It was a lot of fun following Cameron, her husband Kyle, the pup and baby around the park! It reminded me how exciting it will be to see the first signs of Spring. Although it was super chilly out today, it was a gorgeous day to capture some snowy pictures and embrace how great winter can be! Take a look at this amazing family!!

Thank you guys again!!




DSC_0862  DSC_0894

DSC_0014    DSC_0964

s   DSC_0905

DSC_0907   DSC_0870

DSC_0020    DSC_0935

DSC_0001    DSC_0022


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