Scott Family

What  a wonderful family! I had the great pleasure of meeting the Scott family this passed weekend! Their little one  just turned 6 months! HOW ADORABLE IS SHE???!! I really enjoyed capturing some moments with her, mommy and daddy! I’ve never had a happier baby in the studio before! She was so calm and sweet! Plus those eyes of hers are just gorgeous. Mom and dad love her to pieces and it shows in every photo they took with her! Thank  you guys again and I look forward to seeing you in the future!

DSC_0370  DSC_0496

DSC_0390  DSC_0583

DSC_0603  DSC_0595

DSC_0608  DSC_0413

DSC_0427  DSC_0517




DSC_0551  DSC_0550

DSC_0533  DSC_0530

DSC_0545  DSC_0468



DSC_0559 DSC_0382



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