Dejah’s 16!!!!

It was so nice meeting Dejah and her family.WOW! Happy Birthday to this sweet girl attending Capa for vocals! She just turned 16 on Monday but over the weekend celebrated by having a session at the park! It was so much fun following her around and capturing these shots.America’s Next Top Model…WATCH OUT! She is gorgeous and an absolute sweetheart! Reach for the stars Miss Dejah… I can only see you being nothing but successful. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more!

DSC_0619  DSC_0651

DSC_0652  DSC_0626

DSC_0636  DSC_0655

DSC_0627 DSC_0680

DSC_0669  DSC_0676

DSC_0683  DSC_0693

DSC_0686  DSC_0724

DSC_0747  DSC_0782

DSC_0759  DSC_0777

DSC_0765  DSC_0791



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