Tova and Family

I was honored to photograph such a memorable event! Lots of family came into town to celebrate for baby Tova! What a beautiful family and so much love for one another! I am can’t thank Aviva and Peter enough for allowing me to come and capture the moments you all shared together! Here is their wonderful family and gorgeous Tova!

DSC_1386   DSC_1391

DSC_1005  DSC_1105

DSC_1162  DSC_1383

DSC_1275    DSC_1284

DSC_1311   DSC_1176

DSC_1000  DSC_1037

DSC_1035  DSC_1097

DSC_1140  DSC_1136

DSC_1138  DSC_1326

DSC_1325  DSC_1451

DSC_1390  DSC_1436

DSC_1441  DSC_1430

DSC_1329  DSC_1169


DSC_0995  DSC_1216

DSC_1178  DSC_1315DSC_1174 DSC_1156



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