Mother’s Day Mini Session: Emery & Shayla

Goodness! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMERY… SHE JUST TURNED TERRIFIC TWO! Someone get this little girl an AGENT NOW!!! Boy, is she just a charmer and doll baby!  I had the great pleasure of taking pictures of these two on Mother’s Day! It was such a gorgeous day and so much fun following this beautiful little girl and her just as lovely mama! CHECK THEM OUT!!!

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Camille and Family!

SO MUCH FUN ENJOYING THIS SPRING WEATHER! THE PASSED FEW DAYS HAVE FELT A LOT LIKE SUMMER THO LOL. Hanging out with this Mama and two of her LOVES  was beyond beautiful! So much happiness they all shared. I am so glad I was able to follow this family around as they enjoyed the spring weather laughed and checked out how pretty these flowers are in Phipps garden. I can’t thank them enough thank you all for bringing some sunshine to my sessions! ❤

DSC_0474 (1)








LaRosa Family

I had such a lovely time following this beautiful family around Phipps Conservatory for the day. I had so much fun! Even though it was a chilly spring day I think the little ones enjoyed it as well! Denise and her family are so gorgeous an the love that they all share fro one another is apparent in every photo. Family definitely is where the heart is. This was one of my favorite lifetsyle (Day In the Life) Photo  Sessions! Thank you. xoxo








Denise’s energy and kindness is so helpful and bringing out the best in other Mamas. She spreads all types of positive vibes and happiness. PLEASE CHECK OUT WWW.DENISELAROSA.COM