October 24th Golf course Fall wedding

It’s good luck for a bit of rain on your wedding day they say! Angela and John enjoyed a stroll with their umbrella in the rain and once the rain passed what a beautiful day it was! I really enjoyed capturing such fun loving people! Thank you again Angela and John! Congrats!!

DSC_6291 DSC_6299 DSC_6306 DSC_6331 DSC_6446 DSC_6453 DSC_6456 DSC_6486 DSC_6491 DSC_6515 DSC_6521 DSC_6527 DSC_6530 DSC_6549 DSC_6554 DSC_6555 DSC_6565 DSC_6569 DSC_6572 DSC_6591 DSC_6594 DSC_6595 DSC_6597 DSC_6601 DSC_6611 DSC_6614 DSC_6620 (2) DSC_6632 DSC_6637 DSC_6638 DSC_6655 DSC_6658 DSC_6664 DSC_6666 DSC_6671 DSC_6685 DSC_6689 DSC_6728 DSC_6805 DSC_6834 DSC_6840 DSC_6904 DSC_6906 DSC_6907 DSC_7090 DSC_7092 DSC_7107 DSC_7125 DSC_7135 DSC_7210 DSC_7213


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