October 24th Golf course Fall wedding

It’s good luck for a bit of rain on your wedding day they say! Angela and John enjoyed a stroll with their umbrella in the rain and once the rain passed what a beautiful day it was! I really enjoyed capturing such fun loving people! Thank you again Angela and John! Congrats!!

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Mother’s Day Mini Session: Emery & Shayla

Goodness! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMERY… SHE JUST TURNED TERRIFIC TWO! Someone get this little girl an AGENT NOW!!! Boy, is she just a charmer and doll baby!  I had the great pleasure of taking pictures of these two on Mother’s Day! It was such a gorgeous day and so much fun following this beautiful little girl and her just as lovely mama! CHECK THEM OUT!!!

DSC_0219DSC_0234 DSC_0235 DSC_0243 DSC_0271 DSC_0284 (1) DSC_0310 DSC_0339 DSC_0288 DSC_0306 DSC_0311 (1)

Camille and Family!

SO MUCH FUN ENJOYING THIS SPRING WEATHER! THE PASSED FEW DAYS HAVE FELT A LOT LIKE SUMMER THO LOL. Hanging out with this Mama and two of her LOVES  was beyond beautiful! So much happiness they all shared. I am so glad I was able to follow this family around as they enjoyed the spring weather laughed and checked out how pretty these flowers are in Phipps garden. I can’t thank them enough thank you all for bringing some sunshine to my sessions! ❤

DSC_0474 (1)








LaRosa Family

I had such a lovely time following this beautiful family around Phipps Conservatory for the day. I had so much fun! Even though it was a chilly spring day I think the little ones enjoyed it as well! Denise and her family are so gorgeous an the love that they all share fro one another is apparent in every photo. Family definitely is where the heart is. This was one of my favorite lifetsyle (Day In the Life) Photo  Sessions! Thank you. xoxo








Denise’s energy and kindness is so helpful and bringing out the best in other Mamas. She spreads all types of positive vibes and happiness. PLEASE CHECK OUT WWW.DENISELAROSA.COM

Tova and Family

I was honored to photograph such a memorable event! Lots of family came into town to celebrate for baby Tova! What a beautiful family and so much love for one another! I am can’t thank Aviva and Peter enough for allowing me to come and capture the moments you all shared together! Here is their wonderful family and gorgeous Tova!

DSC_1386   DSC_1391

DSC_1005  DSC_1105

DSC_1162  DSC_1383

DSC_1275    DSC_1284

DSC_1311   DSC_1176

DSC_1000  DSC_1037

DSC_1035  DSC_1097

DSC_1140  DSC_1136

DSC_1138  DSC_1326

DSC_1325  DSC_1451

DSC_1390  DSC_1436

DSC_1441  DSC_1430

DSC_1329  DSC_1169


DSC_0995  DSC_1216

DSC_1178  DSC_1315DSC_1174 DSC_1156


Shenell’s Senior Portraits!

Shenell really wanted an earthy outdoor session…so off to Frick park we went! What an adventure we had exploring the park! So many amazing places to take pictures! Shenell is gorgeous. JUST LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS! I had a great time following her and the family around on this beautiful spring day. Shenell is graduating from Cornell high school and will be off to college in the fall! I enjoyed hearing about her accomplishments in school from marching band to honors. How exciting. What a great day to remember how much fun it is to be young and free! I wish you lot of success, happiness and adventures in which ever path you lead! You are creative, intelligent, outgoing and absolutely beautiful! WHAT A WONDERFUL YOUNG LADY! Thank you again for coming out to have your pictures taken!

DSC_0389   DSC_0421



DSC_0483  DSC_0479



DSC_0516  DSC_0525


DSC_0562  DSC_0586


DSC_0601  DSC_0641


DSC_0640  DSC_0689

DSC_0717  DSC_0742






DSC_0820   DSC_0853


DSC_0876 DSC_0883

DSC_0900  DSC_0901

Teliah’s Scrubs and butters

Teliah creates the most lovely butters and scrubs made from natural and skin quenching ingredients. Each butter comes in lushes scents like lavender, sweet almond, and vanilla Souffle! Not only are her butters amazing so is she! Her spirit and happiness kept me laughing during her photo session! I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and Teliah definitely is one of them! I appreciate her coming in and bringing her cheerful vibe and sunshine into the studio! Ill be keeping in touch to order some goodies! I can’t wait!

DSC_0559 DSC_0563


DSC_0617 DSC_0600  DSC_0608


DSC_0699    DSC_0718 (1)


DSC_0723       DSC_0771