Dejah’s 16!!!!

It was so nice meeting Dejah and her family.WOW! Happy Birthday to this sweet girl attending Capa for vocals! She just turned 16 on Monday but over the weekend celebrated by having a session at the park! It was so much fun following her around and capturing these shots.America’s Next Top Model…WATCH OUT! She is gorgeous and an absolute sweetheart! Reach for the stars Miss Dejah… I can only see you being nothing but successful. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more!

DSC_0619  DSC_0651

DSC_0652  DSC_0626

DSC_0636  DSC_0655

DSC_0627 DSC_0680

DSC_0669  DSC_0676

DSC_0683  DSC_0693

DSC_0686  DSC_0724

DSC_0747  DSC_0782

DSC_0759  DSC_0777

DSC_0765  DSC_0791



Scott Family

What  a wonderful family! I had the great pleasure of meeting the Scott family this passed weekend! Their little one  just turned 6 months! HOW ADORABLE IS SHE???!! I really enjoyed capturing some moments with her, mommy and daddy! I’ve never had a happier baby in the studio before! She was so calm and sweet! Plus those eyes of hers are just gorgeous. Mom and dad love her to pieces and it shows in every photo they took with her! Thank  you guys again and I look forward to seeing you in the future!

DSC_0370  DSC_0496

DSC_0390  DSC_0583

DSC_0603  DSC_0595

DSC_0608  DSC_0413

DSC_0427  DSC_0517




DSC_0551  DSC_0550

DSC_0533  DSC_0530

DSC_0545  DSC_0468



DSC_0559 DSC_0382


Emilia & Bunnies

THIS IS EMILIA “Mimi”. Adorable!This little girl is so sweet and super cute! So when given the opportunity to photograph her with these bunnies (Olivia and LULU) I was very excited! Her mommy and her had a great time with petting them and watching them run around the studio! It was a ball.

I have known Mimi since before she was even born! My oldest daughter and her have are best friends so this was quiet the treat capturing her having fun in the studio! Check out what a doll she is…

DSC_0586     DSC_0569


DSC_0590   DSC_0621

DSC_0631   DSC_0659


DSC_0658   DSC_0667

DSC_0660   DSC_0708

DSC_0674   DSC_0673

DSC_0709   DSC_0736

DSC_0741   DSC_0746

DSC_0742  DSC_0758

DSC_0763 DSC_0769


DSC_0781  DSC_0773  DSC_0775


Thank you  for coming to the studio Eve and Mimi! ❤


SOOOOOO THIS WAS AN AMAZING SESSION!!! Two reasons LOVE this session. 1. These folks are gorgeous. Remi Kemi and mama Cecily are such beautiful ladies inside and out. The little guy is their God brother and goodness is he a cutie Pie!! I loved those smiles. 2. Remi and Kemi, I had the pleasure of teaching them when I was a pre K teacher and now they are all grown up!!!! (thanks for making me feel old) These sisters love each other so much! By far was a beautiful thing to capture watching so much happiness in one room.Thank you guys so much for coming out to the studio!!!

DSC_0126  DSC_0143

s   DSC_0147

DSC_0156   DSC_0160

DSC_0153  DSC_0155



DSC_0174  DSC_0171


DSC_0194  DSC_0199

DSC_0197  DSC_0175


DSC_0212  DSC_0294

DSC_0273 DSC_0339

DSC_0221 DSC_0217



DSC_0332   DSC_0343

DSC_0347  DSC_0353




DSC_0396  DSC_0401

DSC_0402  DSC_0408

DSC_0490  DSC_0448

DSC_0493  DSC_0466

DSC_0475     DSC_0520

DSC_0507  DSC_0540

DSC_0458 DSC_0563

DSC_0537  DSC_0549


I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Cameron and her lovely family. Shiloh is 3 months old and and Sgt Pepper is a fairly new addition to the family as well! What a cute looking pup. His coat is the most perfect color! He was pretty skeptical of me taking pictures of him and the family but I was glad I was able to get some awesome snap shots of him! It was a lot of fun following Cameron, her husband Kyle, the pup and baby around the park! It reminded me how exciting it will be to see the first signs of Spring. Although it was super chilly out today, it was a gorgeous day to capture some snowy pictures and embrace how great winter can be! Take a look at this amazing family!!

Thank you guys again!!




DSC_0862  DSC_0894

DSC_0014    DSC_0964

s   DSC_0905

DSC_0907   DSC_0870

DSC_0020    DSC_0935

DSC_0001    DSC_0022


I had a great time hanging out with Natasha and her beautiful family!! Jasmine is a doll, so I couldn’t help but share a million photos of her. Her two Handsome brothers were amazing as well and were so photogenic! So glad that I was able to meet this wonderful family. Miss Jasmine hadn’t taken photos with her brothers in years so what a wonderful way to gain some memories and bond! Thank you guys again! I hope to see you in the future! In the mean time I’ll just show off how gorgeous and awesome you ALL are… ❤

DSC_0236-001   DSC_0257

DSC_0231   DSC_0251


Just a little mid photo gymnastics lol



DSC_0219 DSC_0228

DSC_0211     DSC_0129       DSC_0139         DSC_0116

DSC_0264    DSC_0261


DSC_0171   DSC_0181

Latifa: Daughters of Zion 101

I had the great pleasure of meeting Latifa for a headshot session this passed weekend ! What a beautiful woman inside and out! I always love meeting new people but this meet was particularly wonderful for me since we had the opportunity to chat about life and her mission to help young women! Myself having two small daughters felt touched by our conversation. Really understanding what some teenagers and young adults go through is very interesting. It gave me a glimpse into the future and made me realize how important it is to communicate with my children! ALL the time I say I love my sessions but I especially love them when I chat with lovely people who bring life outside of the camera. Thank you so much for coming out to the studio! Please check out Daughters of Zion 101! What a wonderful program.